Submission guidelines

Before writing an article for the Bylines Network, please notify the editor-in-chief of your interest via the relevant email – editor@ followed by the URL of your Bylines ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected] etc). Discuss your article idea in advance so that we can take steps to avoid duplication or disappointment.

Articles should be submitted via the same email address on Microsoft Word® document or suitable alternative. They should normally be under 1,000 words, though we accept long reads up to 1,500 if the content merits it. No article should be shorter than 350 words.

Aim for:

  • An attention-grabbing short headline that says what your article is about – try to make titles exciting and relevant to the content, and include keywords that people might use to search for it on social media.
  • A lede / standfirst at the top of the article which appears above the image. This should be no more than 140 characters long, including any spaces, and once again should incorporate keywords.
  • A strong opening paragraph to hook the reader, which includes those keywords.
  • Logical sequencing throughout, including within and between paragraphs – start, middle, end – take the reader on a journey (but not a magical mystery tour!).
  • A subheading every 200 words or so to guide the reader and search engines – remember those keywords again.
  • A clear ending – don’t just tail off …
  • At least one ‘quotable’ sentence to use on social media – this can be the opening or closing sentence, or something in the middle – in the digital age we need something that packs a punch in under 280 characters.

With the headline, lede and subheadings the final decision on wording will sit with the editor-in-chief, but we welcome your suggestions as you will know best what works for the article.

All articles should be accurate, with sources provided to supporting evidence where appropriate. We welcome the occasional analysis and opinion piece, as long as it conforms to these guidelines.

The Bylines Network encourages a range of writing styles and your voice is unique. Within that we aim for a high standard of writing and readability. Pitch your article to an audience that is interested and engaged, though don’t assume any pre-existing knowledge or expertise. Your article should be accessible to a wide range of readers.