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Unlike the big media giants, the Bylines Network is almost entirely reliant on our grassroots donors to keep going. A small donation can help us in our mission to establish more Bylines, and to keep putting out articles speaking truth to power.

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We are starting to have a real impact. This year alone, articles on the ministerial code and the state of the Labour party have started national conversations. Articles from the Bylines Network have been included in briefing packs for members of the House of Lords, and a piece from East Anglia Bylines, revealing obscene comments of a local council candidate, may have swayed the result of a local by-election.

You can be a part of that story. Every month, we have to spend money on overheads such as insurance, digital infrastructure, and essential subscriptions. And we have a small team of part-time staff to provide support to the whole network. Your help with this would be very welcome!

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